Open House is Right around the Corner!

PaxSpace is getting more busy by the day as the opening of the Space is just around the corner.

We still have a lot of things to get done and are certainly looking for people to help out as much as they can.

Don’t worry if you think you’d be unable to help out, most of the things that members can help with in preparation for the Open House are organizational and smallish wood working (screwing pre-cut pieces together). This is your chance to really stop by and see what’s up before we’re open for full membership!

We will be using this blog post’s comment area as a coordination place for when we’re going to be in the space and when people could stop by. Feel free to drop us a line if you are more comfortable with email.

Check it out whenever you feel you have some down time, you just never know when someone will be in the Space between now and Sunday for you to get a quick sneak peek!

Our Wiki

Don’t forget to join PaxSpace’s wiki!

It will be the main driver for dynamic content once the Space is fully up and running.

Open House is coming soon!

PaxSpace is ready for our Grand Opening! Mark your calendars for November 3rd for our Open House (details to come). For membership information, please follow the sign up link below.

Thank you for coming out!

Thank you to everyone who made it last night. We had 24 of the 28 Founding Members! There were some really great ideas and discussions happening both during and after the meeting.

Help PaxSpace by Donating

We just received an email from someone asking a great question. How can someone help PaxSpace financially without becoming a member? In addition to our membership we also have our Founders Fund which allows interested parties to donate directly to our start-up fund.


Thanks to the hard work of our Board of Directors and the generosity of the RedBlack Communications Division of BCF Solutions, Inc. we signed a lease this week for our very first space. We are planning to officially open our doors at the end of the month with an Open House so please keep an eye out for more details. We will also be opening full membership very soon but are still looking for Founding Members to help us get the space ready.