President’s Update

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. For those that are staying local over the long Thanksgiving weekend, I hope you will use the time to work on some of your projects at PaxSpace and show off your Makerspace to your friends and relatives.

PaxSpace had a great turnout at the Open House on November 3rd, It was also our official kickoff for PaxSpace to be an operational Makerspace. We had more than 50 people on the sign in sheet and estimate over 100 people visited the space on that day.

Our Quartermaster Paul Di Biase has been providing the required safety training for our members. Please attend a safety training class if you haven’t already. See the calendar for upcoming classes or contact Paul at to arrange training.

Thank you to all members that helped SMARTCO move to their new location. PaxSpace is looking forward to working with SMARTCO in the coming years to further our common goals for education, technology and the community.

PaxSpace would also like to welcome The Patuxent Partnership as a partner. I would personally like to thank Bonnie Green, Executive Director for the support and guidance she has provided to PaxSpace. The Patuxent Partnership has agreed to accept charitable donations on behalf of PaxSpace until our non-profit status has been accepted by the IRS. This may take 8-10 months and is greatly appreciated. I would also like to welcome Dr. Ed Barrett from The Patuxent Partnership to PaxSpace’s advisory board of directors.

PaxSpace’s 3D printer “Kossel Clear” from Blue Eagle Labs  has finally shipped and will be arriving Wednesday. We will be assembling, testing and dialing it in over the coming weeks, please stop by and lend your support. See the 3D Printing Forum for status and updates.

If you have an interest in QuadCopters, DC Drones is having a group buy and build at PaxSpace in mid December. The deadline to order for the group buy is tomorrow, November 27th at DC Drone Store. There will be experts from DC Drones to help with the assembly and flying of your QuadCopter. See DC Drones Meetup for more information.

PaxSpace will have a table at the College of Southern Maryland Innovation Showcase on December 7th up in La Plata. We plan on showing some member projects, 3D printing and getting the word out about PaxSpace. If you would like to attend and support this effort, Please contact me at

Some cool projects have been happening at PaxSpace. The ones I know of include: Non-Newtonian Fluid demonstration device; Capacitance touch circuit boards for cub scouts; A raised keyboard shelf; High speed camera integration (2000 frames per second); Instrumented egg drop emulator; Furniture items. RFID entry system part II. Classroom computers setup. If you are working on a project, please post a small description in the Project Forum.

One member has proposed that PaxSpace should hold a mini Maker faire at PaxSpace so that members can display and demonstrate projects they have created over the years. This is a great idea to show the talent we have at PaxSpace and what we are capable of making. With new tools, equipment and space at PaxSpace we will be able to create bigger and better projects. I propose that the first PaxSpace mini Maker Faire be scheduled for next Friday, December 6th. If this sounds good or bad please post your opinion in the comments of this Blog.

The PaxSpace CNC Router project is gathering steam. We have created a dedicated donation fund for the CNC Router and with PaxSpace funds we should start building in December. We have decided to go with a home built solution so that PaxSpace and its members can gain the most knowledge and experience on CNC concepts, design and operation. Our initial concept is a 2’ x 4’ router constructed primarily of wood, plywood and MDF with good electronics and stepper motors that will facilitate upgrading in the future. It is amazing what even a wood framed CNC router is capable of creating. See this site for examples. If you want to participate in the CNC Router project, monitor the CNC Router Forum for status and updates.

Finally, An assortment of training and classes will be available at PaxSpace in December. The computers for the classroom are nearly ready and will be in place soon. If you have an ideas for a class and would like to share your knowledge please contact us using the Suggestions Forum. If anyone has any talent in the holiday decorating department, the timing is perfect.

Sorry for the long winded post. There is a lot going on at PaxSpace and I want to keep everyone informed. Please do not hesitate to comment and post questions to this post. I am looking forward to reading them and will answer any questions promptly.

Thank you for your time,

Jim Shelton

PaxSpace President

PaxSpace on The Pulse

If you have not seen it yet or do not have MetroCast be sure to check out the episode of The Pulse where Dr. Bob Schaller talks with Mike Cooper and Nick Clark.

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How to integrate PaxSpace’s Event Calendar with Google Calendar

At PaxSpace, we use an event manager that ties in nicely with our website. It allows us to schedule out events and modify each event’s contents without needing to go to another system (keep a watch on our events as we’re going to be adding a multitude of classes starting the first week in December!).

The thing is that its not directly tied into a Google Calendar and I do not know about you but that’s how I keep myself on track as its on my phone which never leaves my side!

Thankfully we have a solution for that!

All you need to do is add our event calendar’s iCal feed (located at ) to your google calendar!

This is just as simple as following the screenshot below or following these Google Instructions















You will also notice that we’ve embedded the same google calendar into our website.

Hopefully this will make it easier for some to keep track of whats going on at PaxSpace!

Free Materials are Available

If you haven’t been in the Space in a while, things might look a little different than the last time you were there!

In the past few weeks, we have been helping Smart Co move from their old location to their new one. During this move, they were very generous and allowed the members who helped out to ‘pick’ (American Pickers style) items that PaxSpace would be able to use. During this pick we’ve received LCD monitors, desktop computers and a host of other ‘goodies’ that will and currently are going to be put to great use.

During the ‘pick’ of Smart Co, we also managed to grab a host of electronics that they were going to recycle that we felt would be perfect for our membership. This equipment includes printers, PTZ cameras, and a host of other things. We’re making this equipment available to our members! If you have a project that you need a piece of equipment for, come look through our ‘Free Stash’ and take something out.

Once we start running out of Space for these “Free Items”, we will be recycling the oldest pieces (with some discretion)… so do not wait too long of that piece or equipment that you might have wanted to take/use in a project might just disappear!

We’re an Amazon Affiliate

We are now an Amazon Affiliate! So to help out PaxSpace, please click through the link before purchasing anything on Amazon’s website!

A certain percentage of every purchase that goes through Amazon will be given to PaxSpace! Its a very simple and effective way to help us build revenue to continually improve on our Makerspace!

Feel free to share the above affiliate links with anyone you wish to forward it to. If everyone gets one other person to help us out by going through our link, it will possibly be a large source of additional revenue for PaxSpace!




RFID Access Control is working

As of last night, the RFID access control system is up and functional!

Be sure to slowly and firmly enter your pin (followed by a  #  ) after you swipe your RFID token. If you’re having issues with getting into the space, be sure to drop me a line and we’ll work it out.

If you haven’t received your RFID token OR the alarm security code, please contact me to receive the necessary details.

Also remember, please do not use the power tools if you haven’t received the safety brief. We had a very successful brief yesterday evening and will be holding more in the future (watch that calendar).

If the system goes down, please let one of the board members know and we will work as quickly as we can to bring it back up.

Thank you for coming to our Open House

We at PaxSpace would like to thank everyone who showed up for our Open House.

It was a great success, one we hope to have again soon.

Be sure to watch our events calendar and your email for updates about what’s happening at the Space.

We’re going to start offering classes very shortly and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to learn something new!

PaxSpace is in the news!

We made the cover of the County Times. Read the article on page 20!!! And don’t forget to come out this Sunday from 12-5 for PaxSpace’s Open House!

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