Help PaxSpace by Donating

We just received an email from someone asking a great question. How can someone help PaxSpace financially without becoming a member? In addition to our membership we also have our Founders Fund which allows interested parties to donate directly to our start-up fund.


Thanks to the hard work of our Board of Directors and the generosity of the RedBlack Communications Division of BCF Solutions, Inc. we signed a lease this week for our very first space. We are planning to officially open our doors at the end of the month with an Open House so please keep an eye out for more details. We will also be opening full membership very soon but are still looking for Founding Members to help us get the space ready.

The space hunt is on!

Thanks to the hard work of many people we continue to make tremendous progress towards opening PaxSpace. Keep a close eye on our feed over the next couple of weeks for some very big announcements. And please continue spreading the word!! PaxSpace is only successful if we can fill it with great and innovative people.