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Our Space

Shop Areas

Paxspace has over 2500 sq. ft. of shop space distributed among three areas with 24/7/365 keypad access for members. All spaces are environmentally controlled with significant space allocated for member tool storage and long-term project builds.

Main Entrance
Shop Warning
Wood Shop
Wood Shop Tool Bench
Metal Machining Area
Grinding Bench, Bandsaw, Brake
Welding Booth
Long Term Project Space
Free Hardware & Adhesive
Electronics Bench (1 of 5)
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Bay 7, Ground Floor

  • Wood Shop
  • Machine Shop
  • Media Blasting

Bay 7, Second Floor

  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Electronics Benches
  • Meeting & Projection Space


  • Drink/Snack Sales
  • Refrigerator/Microwave
  • Shop Reference Computer

Bay 8

  • Long Term Project Work Area
  • CNC Router
  • Paint Room
  • Welding Booth
  • Free Hardware & Adhesives


Paxspace has an extensive collection of hand, bench and floor tools … and the collection is growing all of the time. A sampling of our major tools is provided below. A complete tool inventory is available upon request through Contact Us.

CNC Router
Vertical Drill/Mill
Wood Lathe
3D Printer
3D Printer Array
CNC Lasers
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Wood Working Tools

  • Powermatic PM66 Table Saw
  • Delta Sliding Miter Saw
  • Dewalt 13″ Thickness Planer
  • Rockwell-Delta 8″ Jointer
  • PerformaX 16-32 Plus Drum Sander
  • Wilton 6″ Belt/12″ Disc Sander
  • Powermatic 14″ Bandsaw
  • Rockwell-Delta Wood Lathe
  • Drill Press

Metal Working Tools

  • Enco Milling/Drilling Machine
  • Cummins 7″x12″ Precision Mini Lathe
  • Central Machinery Sheet Metal shear/Brake/Roll
  • Lincoln Electric Arc Welder
  • Handler 140 115V Wire Feed Welder
  • Dayton 5″ x 6″ Horizontal Band Saw

Electronics Equipment

  • Signal Generators
  • Oscilliscopes
  • Power Supplies
  • Soldering Supplies

Digital Fabrication

  • Monoprice IIIP Mini Delta Printer
  • Monoprice IIIP Maker Select Printer
  • 500 x 700 60W Laser Cutter
  • Paxspace CNC Router
  • Vinyl Express Q60

Build. Learn. Discover.