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A little carpentry never hurt anyone.

The wife wanted a shelf on the counter top for spices and such. And while I was at it could I remove the Lousy Susans and put a shelf there too?

Sure! Why not. Doesn’t have to be fancy and doesn’t have to impress anybody. I can do that.

DSC03287 Problem number 1 (Lot’s more where they came from)

DSC03288 Problem number 2 (stuff always falling off and jamming the carousels)


DSC03290 DSC03289 Always good to have a plan. Grid Paper
Not that I’ll use it much.

I’ve got my dimensions and have a solution. Time to get wood and go to PaxSpace!


DSC03291 I purchase some cheap pine at Lowe’s. Could have bought red oak, which would match the cabinets, but at $50+ per board? No thanks. Could have sawn some red oak in the back 40, but would have to wait 6 months or more for it to dry. Wife won’t wait that long. So, cheap pine it is.

DSC03292 I got my first pieces cut. Jim Shelton (former President of PaxSpace) walked over and asked perplexed “You cut that with a hand saw?” (notice the table saw in the background?)

Yes, Jim I did. Why? Because I can! It helps to keep rust from building up on my trusty Craftsman handsaw.


DSC03293 So I don’t forget. It helps to know this.


I made my marks for my dado to give a little more strength to the shelf.



DSC03295 I was going to hand saw and chisel the dado, but I forgot my chisel. I’m on a tight time frame here! (not really) So, adjust the table saw to correct depth. 1/4″ looks about right.


DSC03296 A bunch of passes over the saw blade yielded this.

DSC03297 And then this.


DSC03298 DSC03299 My first shelf built.


DSC03300 So the next shelf needed two short legs.
I cheated and used the 12″ band saw to cut the legs (because I can)
and I’ll hand saw for the final big length cut.


DSC03301  I have a set of drill/countersink bits for several size wood screws. Of course when I want to countersink the holes to do this project I couldn’t find the right one . While I was at Lowe’s I was going to buy another bit or even a kit like last time. I have at least 5 of everything (no, really), but am lucky to find one when I need it. Lo and behold Lowe’s didn’t have any! BUT, they did have a nice HSS(High Speed Steel) counter sink set !

DSC03307 These are designed for counter sinking into metal.
I have a lathe. I have a mill.
I could put these to good use down the road. And I can use them for wood too!


DSC03302 Second shelf done.

From the time the wife said “I want” to the time I took them home from PaxSpace: less than 3 hours.


DSC03303 DSC03304 Wife cleaned out the cabinet and I removed the Lousy Susans and it’s ready for the shelf.


First shelf set on the counter. Wife likes it, but could I recess it back further? Forgot about the granite back splash.


DSC03305 Back to PaxSpace (because I can). Mark once.

DSC03306 I cut once. Let’s hope it’s right.


DSC03308 Don’t forget to clean up! Housekeeping. It’s not just for maids any more.


Back to the house I go and…


DSC03334 That looks better.

   DSC03335  And that makes her happy as well. Then we can all be happy!

Now about those bird houses the kids wanted to make…