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CNC Router is working!!!!

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This is the first real object that has been cut by our CNC Router!

The PaxSpace CNC Router works, but it is not ready for member use yet. The following tasks need to completed:

  • The electrical box layout and wiring still needs to be designed and finished.  Most of the parts are in hand.
  • The control computer/keyboard stand needs to be designed and built.
    Shout-out and Bravo Zulu to Matt Virts for getting the touch screen working.
  • More permanent legs still need to be designed and built.
    Something simple about 32″ high using 2x4s with cross bracing
  • The MDF spoilboard needs to be cut to size and mounted.
  • A work mounting and clamping system needs to be designed and built.

Most Important:  There are many possible work-flows for using the CNC router.  We need to figure out what combination of tools and programs we want to use to later teach to our membership. This is fairly new to just about everybody in the space.

I would like to get more members participation in these final steps. Please come out and support the final build-up.

Lets plan a CNC Router meeting and demo for Thursday at 6PM from 7:30 to 9PM.  Use the CNC Router forum for any questions or comments.

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